Since 1981 CSI has developed and refined world-class municipal management software, used across the country to reduce costs, share data, simplify workflows, and deliver first-rate, cutting-edge service to our clients and their constituents. CSI and MAGNET can help you too.


Our Mission

CSI strives to develop cutting edge municipal management software that enables municipalities to excel in customer service, increase public safety, save on resources, share information throughout their organizations, and to offer configurability that allows governments to get the solutions they truly need, at a price they can truly afford.

MAGNET has helped corral expenses, collect fees, and has allowed our staff to freely share information across departments like never before. It has paid for itself in managing and collecting rental and vacant property fees in the first year alone. Thank you CSI!
— a great township in central New Jersey


  • Permitting. We offer a complete system that covers every aspect, from application to payment, with everything in between.
  • Inspections. MAGNET manages your inspections and allows for scheduling, tracking, pass/fail, and much more.
  • Code Enforcement. We offer complaint management, tracking, citations, abatement, and letter generation.
  • Mobile Inspection and Code Enforcement. The MAGNET Mobile Inspector app allows Municipal staff quick access to, and completion of, all tasks related to field inspection.
  • Licensing. Business, rental, elevator, fire, septic, animal, alcohol, and food safety...we cover them all and more.
  • Planning and Land development. From application through plan submittal, to review and decision, our completely configurable module allows for your workflows.
  • Customer Web Portal. Our Portal enables customers to apply for inspections, licenses, upload plans, download files, view data,  map their properties, and pay fees and fines, all quickly and easily.