MAGNET Municipal Software

The MAGNET Software Suite was designed by people like you.

We make software based on our years of experience and long-lasting partnerships with our clients. Using our knowledge and their experiences to build software that understands how government works.

MAGNET is a cloud based municipal management software that enables municipalities to excel in customer service, increase public safety, save on resources, and share information throughout their organizations.

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Top features overview

User Friendly

Designed specifically with simplicity in mind.

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MAGNET is an off-the-shelf product. But every municipality is unique.

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Automated Workflows

An automated workflow system in permitting software can replace manual, paper-based processes with a digital, automated system.
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Tracking and Reporting

Simple, but powerful application tracking and reporting.

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We integrate with most GIS, Payment Systems, Finance Systems, and Assessor data.
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Robust security for private information or documents. 

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Features - Modules Overview

Parcel Management

Keep all of your parcel data, owner information, and attributes up to date and easily accessible.

Mapping / GIS

The built-in MAGNET Mapping integrates directly with your Arc GIS or other mapping layers, to easily visualize mapping data and keep your information up to date.


The MAGNET Mobile Inspector application enables inspectors and officials to schedule and perform inspections and code enforcement work, in the field and on the fly.

Self-Service Portal

The MAGNET Self-Service Portal fully integrates with the MAGNET Backoffice to allow your end users to easily look up and apply for services offered through the MAGNET software.

Building Permits

Streamline permit processing and inspections with customized permit workflows and approval processes. Unlimited customized permit types to meet your organizational needs.

Code Enforcement

Easily track complaints and violations. Generate violation letters and flag properties/cases.

Planning / Land Use

Manage all of your planning applications and workflows. Manage conditions and related cases in one simple interface.

Business Licensing

Manage all your business activities, contacts, and renewals. Generate renewal letters and keep track of the full history of businesses.

Stormwater Management

Track Land Disturbance Permits or general Stormwater projects. Including plan approval, Stormwater Control Measures, and other control plans. 

Vacant Property

Keep track of any Vacant or Abandoned properties, the responsible institution, and maintenance companies to ensure properties do not fall in disrepair or affect their neighborhoods.

Landlord / Rental Management

 Manage your Landlord's information as well as all of their rentals or units. Ensure compliance with any local or state requirements as well as track renewals and payments.

Inspection Management

 All modules support separate inspection types, based on the type of application or other conditions. Inspection can be scheduled from the back office, requested on the Self-Service Portal, or created when needed from the MAGNET Mobile Application.


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Our Mission

CSI strives to develop municipal management software that enables municipalities to excel in customer service, increase public safety, save on resources, share information throughout their organizations, and offer configurability that allows governments to get the solutions they truly need.

Unlike other companies, we have always been focused on local government. We didn't start in finance or education or another vertical market looking for more opportunities. CSI has been serving local municipalities and governments from the start and will continue to use our experience and knowledge to improve our software and our partnerships with our clients.