The MAGNET Software Solution has available modules for most situations.

The different available modules are outlined below. If you don't see the functionality that you are looking for, or have any additional questions, please contact us.

Parcel Manager

Parcel and Unit Management

The MAGNET Parcel Manager stores all of your parcels, units, owner information, and parcel data. All data is reportable and kept up to date using your GIS system and/or your assessor data.

All cases linked to a parcel are shown directly on the parcel for easy access and a clear view of related cases. 

Permit Manager

Manage your permits and workflows

The Permit Management module in MAGNET allows for the tracking of Building Permits, fees, workflows, and reviews.

With easy case linking and project functionality, you can see related Planning or other applications right from the permitting case.

Code Enforcement

Track violations and complaints

The Code Enforcement module in MAGNET was designed to streamline and enhance the processes associated with enforcing local regulations and building codes.

Key features include:

  • Efficient complaint and violation tracking.

  • Letter and notice generations.

  • Fee management.

  • Parcel flagging and prevention of new application from the Self-Service Portal when active complaints/violations exist on a property.

The code enforcement module allows organizations to improve the efficiency of enforcement efforts, maintain compliance with local ordinances, and foster collaboration among different departments involved in maintaining community standards.

Planning / Land Use

Track planning applications, reviews and workflows

The Planning / Land Use module is designed to streamline and optimize the management of planning and land use activities. This module supports the efficient processing of zoning permits and land development applications.

By implementing this module, the municipality can effectively manage land use regulations, promote sustainable development, and ensure compliance with planning standards.

Business Licensing

Simple tracking and renewals

The Business Licensing module is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and automate the business licensing process for municipalities.

It offers a user-friendly interface and a centralized database to manage all aspects of business licensing, from application submission to license issuance and compliance monitoring. This module aims to enhance efficiency, improve data accuracy, and ensure regulatory compliance while providing an excellent user experience.

Fire Manager

Track fire permits and recurring inspections

The Fire Permits module is designed to streamline and enhance the process of issuing fire permits and managing fire safety regulations within a municipality.

This module enables the efficient issuance and tracking of fire permits and inspection scheduling. By implementing this module, the municipality can ensure fire safety compliance, reduce risks, and protect the community from fire hazards.

Stormwater Management

Manage stormwater plans and monitoring

The MAGNET Stormwater Management module allows for the tracking of stormwater cases. This module allows for the collection and reviewing of pertinent stormwater plans and data.

The Stormwater Management case allows for attaching and managing conditions as part of the case, which can also be inherited to linked Planning or Building cases to prevent case issuance, etc.

Landlord/Rental Manager

Simple tracking and renewals

The Landlord/Rental Manager module allows for the tracking of Landlord and Rental units.

Easily track landlords and their registered units, generate invoices, and renewal letters, and track compliance.

Vacant Property Manager

Track the responsible parties for maintenance

In the pursuit of community well-being, the prevention of blight is a top priority for government entities.

The MAGNET Vacant Property module is designed to track vacant properties and prevent blight, ensuring that neighborhoods remain vibrant, safe, and resilient. With the MAGNET Vacant Property module, your staff will be able to quickly find the responsible parties for Vacant Properties, look up any related violations, track fees and keep vacant property history.